Media Blasting Pictures

With the car now at our shop (KR Performance & Restorations), our first step was to mount Marty's car on one of our Mustang jigs and then onto our rotisserie.  The car then headed out to our media blast building where all of the paint, filler, and rust was blasted away.  Once down to bare metal, we could evaluate all of the damage and determine the best course of action.

Unfortunately, this HCS wasn't as solid as owner Marty and I had hoped.  Here is a list of the rust repairs this car will undergo over the next couple of months:

  • RH & LH Toe Board Patches
  • Full Passenger Floor using Dynacorn one-piece floor
  • Replace RH & LH Torque Boxes
  • Replace Complete Lower Cowl
  • Replace RH Front Apron
  • Repair Aprons above RH & LH shock towers
  • Replace RH Quarter Panel along with outer wheelhouse repair
  • Patch LH Quarter Panel along wheel flare and behind rear tire, also repair outer wheelhouse
  • Roof Patches
  • Rear Window opening repair
  • Minor Trunk Floor repairs
  • Repair Trunk corners
Be sure to check back soon as we complete these rust repairs.

Bob Roeder
KR Performance & Restorations