While KR performance has the body I have been staying busy working on the subassemblies.  I took the engine to Eagle Motor works. Ron ground the crank to 10 under and cinders to 30 over. When it was done he called me to come to his shop to hear it run. It sounded great! I can't wait to hear it in the car. Since I got it home, I have been working on accessories and detailing them.
Jon at Pony Carburetors took our old carb and worked his re-engineering magic on it. I am sure it will run as good as it looks.
The transmission went to The Tranny Shop. Mike was great to work with, he disassembled it and call me to pick up the pieces so I could detail them. I returned them and he had it assembled and looking brand new. All of the supporting parts have been cleaned and detailed.  The shifter has been replated, rebushed and is ready to go.
The plating was done in Omaha by Industrial Plating. The silver, gold zinc, phosphate and oil were done to perfection. I also had the shifter stalk and antenna base chrome plated. They look great as well.
I have cleaned and detailed the light assemblies that could be saved and replaced the others.
I shipped the plastic chrome parts to Toney's Auto Classics. He repaired and replated them to factory new condition. Reproduction parts are less expensive but nothing fits better than Ford parts.
I purchased a reconditioned Midlands brake booster, ours was a Bendix not correct for a 68. I thought it would be best to go with a brand new master cylinder.
The GT-CS and HCS grills are a change to straitened as they have very little structure to keep the mesh straight. I had a local paint store mix a custom matched grill paint. It came out perfect.
One of the most fun job I have done so far was restoring the floor and roof consoles. I think they turned out great.   
You really can not imagine how many parts there are in a car till you restore them all!