On October 12th, 1968 Goodro Ford of Denver, Colorado sold the car to Della Gallegas of Denver, CO. The sticker price was $3500.33. She traded her '61 Chevy 4 door Impala for a trade difference of $2664.00. At some point it was sold to a Sharon Martinez of Lakewood, CO. She owned it until 2-8-82. It was then sold to Bob Teets who did the first restoration. This car was Bob's first HCS. Bob handles the HCS registry and says that this is special because there were only 251 HCS made and only 12 had deluxe interiors. This car is one of those twelve cars. While Bob owned it, it was featured in several Mustang publications including Mustang Monthly in February, 1986. Bob sold the car 1-27-86 to Ernie Gonzales of San Diego, CA. Ernie was a collector of '68 California Specials and High Country Specials. He owned 7 GT-CS and 2 HCS. He was very well known around the southern California car show circuit.  When Ernie decided to sell his collection, he hoped they would stay together. Curtis Kaffer was working in San Diego heard of Ernie's collection. Curtis who had shared the mustang hobby with his father recognized how special Ernie's collection was. A deal was made in April of 2008 and Curtis now held the probable distinction of owning more of these car than anyone. After a time Curtis realized many of the cars were needing major work and restoration. Curtis who owns his own company just did not have time to restore all of these cars properly and decided to find good owners for some of them.

In August of 2008 I was judging a Mustang Grand National show in Park City, Utah where several GT-CS cars and a 428ci HCS were in attendance. The HCS was owned by Bob Teets and I got to meet him. After the show I decided that I would look for one of these special cars.  I had a friend in Omaha, Martin Ostranski, who's daughter has a red GT-CS.  I called him to see if it was for sale; but, it was not. Two month latter, I got a call from Martin saying he was at The Denver swap meet with Bob Teets. I did not know that he and Bob were friends. He had told Bob that I was looking for a GT-CS or HCS. Bob took the phone and told me that he had heard that Curtis Kaffer that had bought Ernie's collection was going to sell some of them. He gave me a phone number and I called Curtis and got details of the cars for sale. I was excited to find out the red HCS that was Bob's car was for sale. We started planning a trip to San Diego. In the mean while, I was reading a book by Paul Newitt called GT/California Special Recognition guide and owners manual. In that book I found pictures and the window stickers of the HCS when Bob Teets owned it. It was cool to find so much information about a car I was thinking about buying. We arrived in San Diego in April 2009. It did not take too long to decide that the Red HCS would be ours. A deal was made with Curtis and we were on our back to Nebraska. 
I hope you will enjoy following the restoration process of our HCS.

Marty and Tari Rupp